Amada Astro II

Greenfield are in a strong position for fully automated folding of sheet metal components having the only Amada Astro II 100NT Bending Cell in the UK with automatic tool and hand gripper changers. This gives the ability to offer components requiring complex bending more cost-effectively.


Standing next to the cell’s robotic handling arm is a static camera that scans identifies & checks the part before the bending cycle begins. Integrated into the Robot cell is a AC300U3 six pallet automatic stacking unloading conveyor which transfers stores the finished part after the bending cycle. This enables Greenfield more flexibility to process smaller batches as low as 50 off.

Now complex bent sheet metal parts can be run economically & cost effectively with a part change-over time of under five minutes. To utilise the system for full unmanned 24 hour sheet metal production the unloading conveyor gives the ability to change six pallets of different products giving in-excess of a shifts worth of bent part removal without manual intervention.

This is offering Greenfield’s customers a new level of automation for sheet metal manufacture not readily available in the UK. From a flat punched metal panel to a folded finished component ready for the next manufacturing process.

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