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In addition to the core skills of precision sheet metal fabrication, Greenfield Engineering provide an integrated capability that best complements the sheet metal products we have manufactured.


Many of our customers are reducing the level of assembly they perform themselves allowing Greenfield to take over that critical roll.

Continuing to develop & provide the best cost effective solution within our own in-house assembly team for the customers needs.

Some of our capabilities include the integration into enclosures, multiple part assembles, switches, PC boards, fan modules, cables, Greenfield assemble many different sheet metal products from, lighting units,cabinets for a wide variety of industries incorporating, electronic/electromechanical commodities such as, power supplies, harnesses, screw kits, glass, wood, card, plastic’s, acrylics, identification labeling, giving the most cost effective solution for any customers product requiring finished assembly.

For that all important final assembly our dedicated flexible teams are set up for quick configuration cell manufacture to fit each customer’s turnkey requirements.

Greenfield offer a array of additional various mechanical assembly techniques including fastening, riveting, toxing, gluing, glazing, either delivering direct packed to warehouse ready for customer dispatch. Or many partner customers are now having Greenfield deliver their products & paperwork direct to their end customers eliminating cross docking & additional handling shipping costs.

Greenfield Engineering

Greenfield Engineering is established as market leaders in precision, sub-contracted sheet metal fabrication.

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