Nordson Powder Coating Plant 1

Greenfield is the only sub-contractor in the UK to have made the substantial investment of two independent, state of the art, fully automated powder coating lines. Both systems apply the powder paint in fast colour change booths from Nordson called COLORMAX™. This gives the business total flexibility for the customers to process two independently different coloured consignments simultaneously.


Plant one has a complete control system administered using an unique touch screen controller, Powder Pilot™ which controls the feed centre thus ensuring precision dispensing of powder flow to the product. The closed-loop feed centre enables fast clean colour change assuring powder containment during operation. This automatically creates a safer, more productive environment . All the powder management systems are consolidated and controlled in one place enhancing operator performance. Advanced HDLV pumps improve colour changing eliminating cross contamination of colours giving a colour changeover time in under fifteen minutes..

Each component entering the booth passes through a beam array where the gun settings, positions and powder flow rates are automatically recalled to the control.

TD finishing supply the pre-treatments, drying, and final curing ovens. Both lines offer detailed temperature control, setting high/low burner timings which are all monitored on touch screens. The systems are alarmed to pick up on any irregularities. Both lines include automatic pre-treatment chemical dosing to guarantee the components are correctly cleaned prior to the powder application. The working product envelope of plant one is 600 X 1200 X 2000 horizontally.

Greenfield provide a complete powder coating finishing solution making the important final finish stand out from the competition.

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