Salvagnini P4

Greenfield have two independent hybrid automatic Salvagnini panel benders. The first of which is the new P4 2516 with (ABT) advanced bending technology (ABA) automatic tool length adjustment (HPT) automatic component loading.


This gives precision sheet metal manufacturing an automatic flexible work cycle. The new cutting edge in advanced Salvagnini bending technology for all different types of multiple folds and complex radii bending. Greenfield can fold large sheet metal panels up to three metres long or additionally sets of unique kits of folded components.

This enables bent components to come straight from the panel benders ready to be assembled together as kits without waiting for all the parts to be finished eliminating pallets of WIP. Salvagnini panel benders are especially designed to remove the manual handling of large sheet metal panels when in operation.

A key advantage of the Salvagnini panel benders is they can be utilised for bending high or low volume panel work with zero set-up time. From one sheet metal part to the next gives many benefits to the production stream. Salvagnini gives our customers a more flexible and creative alternative to the limitations of standard conventional press brakes for sheet metal panel folding.

The average cycle time for Salvagnini panel bender to bend a panel with an array of complex negative & positive folding is under one minute!

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