Cash Handling Systems

Greenfield work alongside many companies offering different types of money handling solutions.

Our main goal is that we understand security has to be an important part of the initial precision sheet metal design. Having the ability to control all the manufacturing processes in-house gives Greenfield a unique edge to deliver high quality sheet metal components.

Greenfield uses technology throughout all the manufacturing cycle which enables the ability to incorporate unique innovative features. Clients can only expect the highest quality at a competitive cost, giving them the edge over their competition. For Greenfield's partner customers this is the most important thing we want to achieve.

We also develop and manufacture many other fine limit sheet metal items which cater for the gaming, hospitality, retail, banking sectors.

(Due to security reasons and client confidentially this prevents the display of any internal workings imagery of any form of security cash handling systems).

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Greenfield Engineering

Greenfield Engineering is established as market leaders in precision, sub-contracted sheet metal fabrication.

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