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Greenfield produce a wide varied range of sheet metal cabinets for many different customers in several industrial sectors. Supplying industrial storage with specific requirements suitable for many important uses, including toxic & corrosive chemical containment. As well as custom manufactured storage solutions for factory or warehouse allowing easy accessibility and storage for tooling, equipment or stock control.

Greenfield can design, adapt, or expand on customers’ existing product range. Working closely with the client to manufacture a finished unit for any industrial application where storage of items is required.

Designed to meet every requirement the customer is looking for from security to practicality in the product, we can incorporate features like adjustable half , full depth shelving, Louvre panelling, espagnolette, unique locking, liquid containment to customer branding and specialist bespoke packaging. All which then can be delivered to the end customer with the client's paperwork eliminating cross docking and costly handing.

Greenfield already have designed and manufacture a range of customer based cabinets for storing computer equipment in a shop floor environment with colour coordinated doors and housings.

Greenfield can work with clients to improve considerably or adapt their products by adding or changing specific features,  like component part- marking, material gauge, increase or reduce the fabricated construction, even removing expensive steel piano style hinges to adapt the product depending on the end application. Our automated manufacturing is totally flexible from start to finish and available to deliver a robust high quality cabinet cost effectively.

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Greenfield Engineering is established as market leaders in precision, sub-contracted sheet metal fabrication.

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