Attracting young people into manufacturing starts at school. Pictured on the right is Simon Walker (GF Production Manager) & Gary Burnard (GF Operations Director) with David Fitzsimmons & Mark Foster Principle and Vice Principle of Holsworthy community College.

The visit was arranged to form closer links and introduce a working platform to highlight the job opportunities within engineering. The emphasis being to showcase students from year ten the possibility of a manufacturing career within Greenfield.

Simon Walker Production Manager:
“We need to raise our company profile within the local community and work closely with Holsworthy Community College to tackle out-dated preconceptions of manufacturing in the UK. The link to a career in Engineering can be tracked back right through a pupils education from subjects like science and technology. If we can build a better understanding with students early we have a better chance of recruiting the right individuals. As a business our staff are our most important asset, to grow we must build the team around the company.”