This is a question customers often ask. Holsworthy is a historic market town mentioned in the Domesday book as being part of the estate of Harold Godwinson and the original charter for the market and local fair dates back to 1154. When important matters for the town were debated the Court Leet used to hold its meeting & tribunals beneath the great oak tree close to the now town square.

The oak tree unfortunately has long since gone, but a plaque marks the site of where the great tree once stood. The historic importance of the great tree to Holsworthy is acknowledged as it is used as the emblem of Holsworthy Town and the Local Town Council.

Greenfield also adopted the Holsworthy Oak tree as our logo from the businesses conception, this was to symbolise our business strength and show our commitment and close ties to Holsworthy as our main operating location.

Pictured on the right are the two Greenfield logo’s first was drawn by Frank Green (Managing Director) back in 1989. The second introduced back in May 2012 with the launch of the new company website.