Ricky Daniel started at Greenfield in early 2009 as a temporary operative working in the Assembly department. It was through Ricky’s drive and commitment to join the business that he was given a full time position still in the Assembly team. From here Ricky wanted to progress and started to take advantage of Greenfield’s in-house training programme to develop new skills within the business. His first introduction into the Fabrication area was resistance welding and stud welding. Next he moved into the Welding area where the basic techiques and the principles of the application of adding heat into the welding process were mastered in both MIG & TIG welding. We believe at Greenfield that a person only needs the opportunity to prove their ability, Ricky is a prime example of what can be achieved.

“Greenfield gave me the opportunity to learn new skills which have helped me to become a high quality welder. I have also completed a supervisory management course. This has enabled me to further progress in Greenfield to now being the Team Leader of the Fabrication team on the second shift.” Ricky Daniel