High student excellence within the Engineering Department at Petroc school of Design and Manufacture has been recognised in an awards ceremony held at Barnstable Hotel. Greenfield employee Mitchal Cisneros is presented with apprentice of the year award. Mr Robert Coombes head of engineering said.” Mitchal has again proven his drive and determination to succeed at the highest level winning the prestigious award of the best year student. This is even more exceptional when you see the very high calibre of the fellow students on the course.”

Mitchal said ‘’I was delighted and surprised to find the letter waiting at home, I’m also pleased how hard not only myself, but everyone on course has worked this year to achieve their final results. This award will strengthen my commitment and boost my confidence to further push forward to develop my engineering career at Greenfield. I’m currently close to completing my final year of FdSc/HNC programme, but I’m really enjoying the additional hard work and pressure being put on me from both the course and within the business. I know that my qualification and work based training is without doubt providing me the best possible foundation for my future career with this leading engineering company.”

Pictured from left to right Mark Holbourn (HNC lecturer,) Simon Walker, Mitchal Cisneros, Frank Green (GF) Jackie Thomas (BTEC lecturer) Robert Coombes (Head of Engineering).