Greenfield have invested in a non-contact DeFelsko uncured powder coating tester. The process guarantees an accurate measurement and prediction of a coating film before the parts are cured. This will help assist with determining the adhesion and integrity of the powder film showing whether it has been properly applied before curing. Measuring the film thickness before stoving the powder will show the need for immediate correction or adjustment of the system by the applicator prior to curing.

Painting with a fully automated on-line system there is a considerable delay before the operators can discover if there is a problem with film thickness and by that time a number of coated parts will have been completely processed. We will now be able to intervene at the start of the application process, measuring and ensuring correct film thickness is achieved and therefore reducing the possibility of costly issues before they happen.

Our paint team now have the ability to log and report data on pre-treatment temperatures and chemical monitoring, track speeds, curing temperatures and pre-cured and post-cured film thicknesses on all finishing processes. This allows the Engineering team to analyse the data and working with the paint team make adjustments in the powder coating process to meet the needs and demands of customers.