Forming part of Greenfields strategy in helping develop and support young people’s interest in an engineering and technology-based career, Holsworthy Community College year 10 students studying GCSE Resistant Materials were invited to visit the factory for a complete tour of Greenfields facilities and the modern manufacturing techniques being used. This was followed by a presentation on the history and evolution of the company from two senior apprentices. The Greenfield apprentices explained to the students the benefits of a work based apprenticeship and the need for them to keep working hard to achieve their full potential at school. The event was enjoyed by the students which gave them the opportunity to hear and see first-hand about manufacturing in their own town. The workshop visit enabled them to view our state of the art machinery and to meet current Greenfield apprentices who have already attended day release at technical college.

“Technology-rich, challenge led environment where our teamwork and creativity are highly valued skills” Frank Green