Greenfield’s Simon Walker, Mitchal Cisneros and Steve Killner were invited as special guests to the grand opening of the Petroc’s new state-of-the-art Engineering Centre of Excellence. The £10.8 million investment will transform the college campus with a new building bringing together all the engineering disciplines into one bigger department. This will further develop and improve the engineering and manufacturing centre to be one of the best facilities in the South West. The new engineering campus will comprise of completely bespoke cutting edge CAD suite and fully equipped workshops with additional areas for electronic design and assembly. The new fabrication and welding areas will enable students to gain valuable skill sets in all the different welding disciplines. The final and most important part is creating a great learning environment for the students to study a wide range of engineering programmes.

Greenfield’s hugely successful apprenticeship training has only been made possible with the close working partnership with Petroc College and the Engineering department.