In a bold move earlier this year the decision was made to replace two ageing Amada manual press-brakes with a second Amada hybrid HD ATC press-brake with full automatic tool changing. This is now only the fourth machine in the UK, as Greenfield had set the stage by purchasing the first! The total machine investment was £380,000 plus £120,000 on tooling; the machine is now installed and is fully operational producing high quality components. This investment makes another key statement to customers of the long-term vision of Greenfield Engineering. With the growth strategy already in full swing, Greenfield is to continue to increase the customer base and market share in 2016.

Greenfield are adding the latest advanced technologies across the manufacturing facilities transforming the sheet metal production for its portfolio of manufactured products. Early next year Greenfield will be introducing even more new cutting edge technologies, providing the software and equipment to further improve productivity plus boosting better efficiency saving for the customers!