Congratulations on graduation day the biggest event in a student’s time at college! Mitchal Cisneros now adds to his achievements a distinction in his final HNC level 4 diploma in mechanical engineering and manufacturing. Having become an integral part of the design team Mitchal is now managing his own projects with clients from initial concepts to full production.

Mitchal said “This hard and rewarding journey has been all about achieving my engineering qualifications and doing this alongside the building blocks of gaining real engineering skills. All of which could have only been done in the workplace. Throughout the business, there’s always something new and exciting happening. We have different customers in locations all over the UK, and now I’m getting involved with new clients who are regularly arriving from Spain, Germany, and Netherlands to discuss different projects. Meeting and working with these interesting professionals is inspiring for me. I’m sure as I develop this will take me in different directions within the business and my engineering career.”

We know the engineering skill sets that Greenfield need are best attained with our own training programme. Students get invaluable experience in a real time precision sheet metal environment. This is linked closely with our training provider Petroc college who we see set high standards on their academic courses. This in turn leads to the formal engineering qualifications for the students. Mitchal has set the bar exceptionally high for future apprentices to emulate, and we look forward to him developing further within Greenfield. Simon Walker Production Manager