Greenfield Engineering is delighted to have been invited to host a stall at the Big Bang event at Great Torrington School. The event was held to showcase to students aged 10-12 years old the connection between STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) and careers available in these fields of study. The ultimate aim being to inspire young students to understand that science is more than white coats and test tubes.

Exhibitions at the event included weather forecasting, DNA profiling, movie effects, robotics, bubble making, animal displays and many, many more.

Greenfield took along with them laser-cut Christmas baubles, model aeroplanes and even a Christmas tree made from sheet metal! The students were invited to fold up the baubles and aeroplanes under the guidance of Greenfield engineers and help decorate the tree. Representing Greenfield at the event was Steve Killner, Mitchal Cisneros and Jamie Hooper.

”Wow – what a day! It was fantastic to see the students folding up the baubles and aeroplanes and to see the delight on their faces as the flat profiles came to life in their hands. At one point there were at least 30 students around our stall all eagerly listening and folding up the models. An excellent and well organised event which was thoroughly enjoyed by students and adults.” Steve Killner Training Officer.