Greenfield Engineering are the first UK company to install the newly launched Radan platform series of logistics software. The new Radan order manager will complement and automatically link into importing production orders from the MRP system. Rad Order Manager automates a further part of the manufacturing information exchange between department systems, saving valuable time and the method in which data is taken from the MRP system to production and the nesting of components. Early indications show time consuming double entry of data will cut processing time by as much as 40%, also eliminating the risk of manual errors. The software’s function is to make it easy to import production order schedules from the MRP system for nesting by automatically managing parts and part lists whilst also importing and controlling the processing of complicated schedules, and files with configurable part lists from our MRP system. Added benefits include geometry healing, closing profile gaps, and removing double lines and arcs. Information can now be easily transferred across the system for closer status control. Production times can now be monitored by product, batch, nest and even order entry.

Gary Burnard Operations Director “This new Radan logistic order manager software is one of the best planning software platforms I’ve seen on the market; ideal for us as it’s been introduced specifically in mind for the sheet metal industry. Its introduction into Greenfield has automated and revolutionised the way the information is transferred between the MRP system and production. The components needing to be prepared for production today needed too much manual intervention. Getting ready the correct production of parts our material planners had to manually interrogate the system, prioritising the parts and programmes, now they are ready and in the correct order for manufacturing team. I can honestly say it is superb production tool for the business!”