Greenfield’s apprenticeship programme, now in its seventh year, values the necessity in developing our own engineering talent. It’s pleasing and rewarding to know that apprentices going back over several different year groups had continued to win apprentice of the year awards. The awards recognise the significant effort and high standards that they had made to their intermediate and advanced courses. The accolades of outstanding excellence given to these awards by the training providers’ show that the Greenfield students had been identified as the most exceptional individuals in their year groups. The management team are extremely proud of the achievements in their training programmes, which will further go to endorse and support the commitment to apprenticeships. These young students will in time play a major part in the business and continually revolutionise the skill sets within the workforce.

Managing Director Frank Green said. “I’m excited to have a role in helping to deliver top quality engineers into the industry. Adding young skills to our workforce is key to staying competitive. Good quality apprenticeships create excellent engineers and give hard working people the chance to aim for a long term career whilst playing their part in building a strong successful business. These winners are the best of the best and it is an honour to have them as part of the Greenfield team. This is definitely a reward to them all for their effort, hard work and dedication – well done!”

Pictured clockwise from the top left – Billy Hinson, Mitchal Cisneros, Christopher Lees and Jamie Hooper.