Having the ability to grow is a whole different ballgame than just having a new piece of manufacturing equipment. The business framework, factory floor space and even the team are all major factors. Greenfield could see that there would be a skill shortage within the workforce. This would be one of the hardest issues to overcome in growing unless there were plans put in place to address this for the future. The key game changer for the business is now in its seventh year of investing in training the future young engineers is now starting to pay dividends. The programme now boasts of 14 apprentices at various stages of their apprenticeship training in 2017.

Floor space has be increased by better planning and storage, so an investment of £36,000 with Stakapal was made, installing new cantilever racking to store 100tn of sheet metal raw material. This has freed up over 2500 sq. ft. of underutilised space. Additional pigeonhole racking was introduced to the storage and distribution warehouse for small rotating stock and consumables. The commitment to expand the business by preplanning the floor layout and gaining the extra working areas to help with increased manufacturing demands. The final part of the solution was £15,000 to roll out of new workshop access based IT software across the business.