Tony Marlow (maintenance engineer) recently grasped the opportunity to visit Japan as a guest of Amada UK.

The main purpose of the trip was to see the latest laser/punch combination machinery in operation. Greenfields are then planning on making a major investment in the coming years to help increase key factors such as capacity and rate of work through the punching cell.

The tour also included visiting several different Japanese customers/businesses to give the guys the opportunity to experience first hand Japans manufacturing methods and how they differ from Europe’s. The tour ended with a day’s sightseeing in Tokyo in which the highlight was a visit to the new Tokyo Sky tree tower.

Tony’s comments on the trip:

“Japan was a pleasure to visit. I found the trip very interesting and beneficial for expanding my knowledge of manufacturing processes and how different they are in comparison to Europe’s methods of manufacture. The laser/punch combination cells were very impressive and I have no doubts that if Greenfields were to invest in any of the laser/punch combo machinery I saw they would definitely see improvements in the punching cell imminently”.