Now bedded in and fully functional is our new Radan logistics/order manager software which is capable of automating most of the production planning within the sheet metal manufacturing areas. The business has seen increased smoother capacity flow across production. Greenfield have also over last seven years integrated lean principles across the business and have continued to experience additional benefits. Having multiple sheet metal component parts for many different projects running through production simultaneously means that smart production planning is key. Components that efficiently come together after punching, are passed through to folding, to then be completely fabricated or spot-welded together before moving on to the finishing and assembly departments. Integration into final built products forms a large part of the business model, as more and more of our customers want to receive finished packed products ready for despatch without handling the products.

Unlike traditional sheet metal fabrication, Greenfield’s production process is among the most automated also linking into the 123 Insight MRP/ERP/CRM systems. Advanced design, the flexible smart software, coupled with automated manufacturing now links up seamlessly. Greenfield have introduced the latest cutting edge software technologies into its working environment. This helps deliver the right parts, and supplies to the products being manufactured.

“ Our goal is to embody our pride in delivering quality solution for the customer.”