Greenfield is committed to using the latest sheet metal technologies to offer a better manufacturing solution, coupled with giving the best service to customers. The questions we ask ourselves as a business are:

  • Is the level of service we offer good enough?
  • Are we doing our best to train our staff to be the best?
  • Are we responsive enough to our customer demands?
  • Is the business infrastructure strong enough to support growth?
  • What, and how will we produce better parts for the client tomorrow?

These are the questions that our management team ask themselves on a regular basis. We are working hard on these challenges and constantly improving ourselves, this in turn will lead to greater opportunities within the business model.

“The influence that you create within the team, if we all constantly are improving on past performance, can form the cornerstones to continue our development. The philosophy we use is, we are as good as our last delivery, period! So we try not to become complacent, and this in turn keeps us sharp.”

Frank Green – Company Founder.