Greenfield recently attended Power of Apprenticeships at Petroc College Barnstaple. Looking at introducing enthusiastic young individuals who are aspiring to move onto a career in Engineering whilst still carrying on with their college training. Greenfield has been a well-established company focusing on quality training for more than 25 years. Producing some of the top engineers not only in the South West, but in the UK with several ex-apprentices holding  major positions within the business. We believe in everyone within Greenfield reaching their full potential through a learner journey that will inspire and create the next generation of first class engineers. We are committed to these opportunities through building and cultivating young students from our local community helping retain a young healthy economy for the future. Our on-going adaptable approach allows us to respond to the ever-evolving needs of the business. Our dedicated support team of experienced engineers don’t just care about our training they also care about the success of our apprentices. The need to gain skills as much as qualifications is just as important for employ-ability and leaving college fully trained with work based skills are essential.