As part of Greenfield’s ongoing investment policy the recent refurbishment of site one powder coating line was completed by Nordson UK without a hitch. Since the plant has been in operation for thirteen years with thousands of hours of gun on time, running virtually non stop, the decision was made to shut the plant down and replace the guns.

This followed an intensive pre-planning and preparation to move painting production to site two for the duration. Among several areas of the plant being refurbished the overall package included new HDLV transfer pumps, new Encore HD dense phase guns, both manual and automatic. The new Encore guns will give greater application efficiency and ensure even more consistent results regardless of operator. Additionally an upgraded to the gun software with more precise digital steering system for the six automatic guns has been installed. The complete Nordson installation was completed in four days, two of which were over the weekend, so the business experienced minimal disruption.

“These refurbishments have been long overdue here at Greenfield, but due to our rapid order book growth over the last 12 months its been difficult to commit to production downtime. Working closely with Nordson in a detailed plan to have minimal disruption to production and therefore our customer base has been invaluable.” – Daniel Green Operations Manager.