“We can clearly see if we look at ourselves that there is always room for improvement in a business.  So when I look back to my trip to Japan with Gary to visit the Amada’s manufacturing facilities in Fujinomiya back in 2012, followed by several Amada customer visits, it showed that in many aspects of manufacturing we are lagging some way behind. If we implement some of what we learn from forward thinking countries, such as Japan, we will once again be a great option for global manufacturing. Japan is a very advanced country in many ways, especially their manufacturing philosophy.  The purpose of our visit back in 2012 was  to look at new technology in development before it arrived onto the open market. I had previously visited Amada’s head office and main showroom in Ishida back in 2000,  and was amazed then, but Amada as a company has subsequently not stood still and has continued to innovate, evolve and develop its machine automation. Embedded in their culture and work ethic is “monozukuri”, which means, “making things, best compared to craftsmanship in English’ in the sense of devotion to their own manufacturing. Specifically you could see their total pride in Japanese craftsmanship. New manufacturing techniques are not only highlighted in their own manufacturing process, but also in their equipment which is more and more automated to speed up production. It really struck home on my first visit that Amada had a focused path to reducing the machine footprints, while increasing lights out unmanned capacity and reducing material consumption and wastage. This had all developed more since my earlier visit. Equally, their use of automation, machine monitoring and data-driven manufacturing was apparent at all levels. If we embrace certain elements of the constantly evolving Japanese ideology in our own businesses,  it can only be a positive step. By paying attention to their approach, we still can grow our own manufacturing ambitions and compete globally. I’m proud to say Amada is our true long term partner and hopefully we will strive continually to better our own manufacturing capabilities”


Frank Green – Company Founder