It’s September, and that means autumn and the flu season is almost upon us. Greenfield is offering all its staff free flu jabs before this winter starts in order to protect staff and their families against the spread of this dangerous life threatening virus. This is now the fourth year Greenfield has offered staff free vaccinations the move comes ahead of any reported outbreaks, with Public Health England saying with the extra pressure on the NHS resource’s will be stretched to breaking point if a flu epidemic was to hit the UK.  Greenfield would like to keep all their employees safe from catching the flu and in a small way reduce the risk of spreading the virus further.

Daniel Green Operations Manager said: “Many people don’t realise that they could catch the flu and have very mild symptoms, but pass it onto someone in a more vulnerable position this winter which in turn could have potentially major consequences. The thing that we worry about most is a business at this time of year is that we could have an outbreak of flu within the factory creating a local outbreak in the community which then puts an added strain on our local NHS service. We feel as a business it’s important to have a view point that the flu vaccination helps save lives.”