Greenfield’s increased export demand this year for its sheet metal is coming surprisingly from a major manufacturers in the US, Brazil and Mexico. The market sector requirements are supplying quality fully finished parts into these countries for the high end office furniture sector. This year Greenfield boasts an increased proportion of its sheet metal production has been exported to the Americas and in recent months across into mainland Europe. This can be attributed to the wide variety of products in a diverse number of industries, for advanced sheet metal manufacturing into traditional sectors being serviced.

The office furniture market in Brazil is experiencing an increasing need for flexibility and increased volume demands with tighter install time scales and higher quality criteria the main reasons for looking abroad. The landscape in Latin America has witnessed substantial shifts in the supply base with more freedom driving it and in turn has opened the market to European suppliers over the past ten years. In the past, major Brazilian manufactures avoided purchasing from anywhere other than in region due to them having confidence in a overseas supply chain. This situation is totally different being fuelled by their rapid economic growth the need to look into a more competitive global market to find the right manufacturing business partner.