A brave group of intrepid Greenfield explorers recently took to the sea for an exhilarating morning of coasteering at Port Gaverne just round the corner from Port Isaac. Outdoor pursuit great fun jumping off cliffs? Scrambling over rocks? Exploring sea caves? Easy right? Wrong! This activity tested the guys vertigo, as well at their stamina at sea swimming and climbing/scrambling skills as they explored the North Cornwall coastline via routes usually never seen other than from a boat. Importantly everyone was in safe hands on this well organised tour with Cornish Rock Tours.

The pair of trained instructors quickly got to know the strength and limitations of group members. Wearing wetsuits, buoyancy aids, and helmets the group steadily swam out of the natural port swimming against the sea current climbing and scrambling up and down rock faces to specific cliff jumps of various heights. As they progressed in confidence the jumps started to grow with height and the largest of the tour was a jump approximately 30ft+ off the cliff into the sea swell.

Well done everyone for taking part!

Below are a few comments, but we’ll keep them anonymous to save any embarrassment.

“Never done anything like it before, it was great fun”

“I looked down at a few of the jumps…but need a bit of encouragement from the lads to jump!”

“Felt like I was the man after the last big jump, the adrenaline buzz was unbelievable”

“what great fun day loved every minute”