Greenfield’s staff washrooms on site one have just undergone a complete refurbishment to improve hygiene and usability. The staff washrooms needed upgrading with them being over ten years old and with over forty plus staff a shift 5 days a week using the facilities.

A complete ten day strip out was required with temporary toilets having to be brought on site during the works. All the waste and freshwater pipework was replaced and relocated into the wall cavity in preparation of Altro Whiterock wall cladding and new toilet cubicles reducing considerably the risk of the spread of bacteria significantly. At the same time new Armitage Shanks commercial water-less urinals have been installed which has been spurred on by wanting to reduce wasting clean water for flushing. Its estimated in comparison to our old system that the water savings will be in the region of eight thousand litres a year per urinal. The maintenance of them is straight forward, only requiring trap cartridges replacement once a year which will also prevent odours entering the room. Easy clean tiled flooring has been laid with better floor drainage to withstand the cleaning after the daily heavy foot traffic, and finally an upgraded air extraction system was installed which helps the facilities smell fresh and pleasant.

“A nice working environment for the well-being of our staff is very important. Improving the toilet facilities is the first step of our continued site improvement plan over the coming year.” – Daniel Green Operations Manager.