Greenfield Engineering have bought one of the key elements of precision sheet metal manufacturing; New Fibre Laser technologies, using the advantages of processing mode to provide the approach of providing precision quality components, and low cost profiling of sheet metal with the flexibility of unmanned high speed laser cutting in one combined manufacturing operation.

The new benchmark in laser processing is the latest generation of Amada’s successful Ensis fibre technology, with 3kw laser technology gives overall combined faster processing capabilities than standard Co2 cutting.

Greenfield’s Amada Ensis-3015 AJ laser cell complete with ASLUL pallet stockyard, giving true unmanned lights out 24 hr sheet metal production capabilities.

The inherent benefits of the Amada Ensis-3015 AJ laser is variable beam control technology flexibility with cutting at high speed in a full range of materials without changing lenses throughout production. The laser is also capable of cutting up to 25mm thick mild steel with the equivalent performance of much larger fibre lasers, but using half the power to do the same job. An additional precision option has been added to the machine with OVS automatic compensation system this will be first to be installed in the UK.

The Ensis-AJ incorporates full material automation on high quality machine offering combined uninterrupted production. The obvious benefits are the ability of removing processes the need or cost upkeep of special profile tooling.