An apprenticeship offers young people a fantastic foundation to build a career, where the limits are only set by the commitment you put in, and Gary Burnard is a prime example.
Gary first began his engineering career at Greenfield as an apprentice in 1993. Studying hard to complete his four year courses in mechanical engineering at Exeter College. After time spent in the design team and then production manager Gary was made the Operations Director with overall responsibility of operational day to day running of the company. In 2017 Frank & Michelle Green company founders rewarded Gary’s commitment to the company by promoting him to Managing Director.

Remembering his early years, Gary is still appreciative of his apprenticeship “My apprenticeship at Greenfield was a fantastic opportunity. It also helped me build a strong foundation and develop not only my engineering skills, but a business acronym that I still use today. I’m a strong believer in our apprenticeship program and will continue to bring young people into the business to give them the opportunities and career that has been given to me.”

Frank Green company founder said “It’s a source of huge pride for us to see Gary as Greenfield’s Managing Director plus reaching the milestone of twenty five years’ service with the company. We strive to provide an engaging, secure and above all enjoyable place to work for all our team.

If you’d like to get involved in Greenfield’s apprenticeship scheme visit our apprenticeship page to learn more.