Specialising in sub-contract high precision sheet metal fabrication, powder coating and assembly. The business understood the need to remain as flexible as possible and cost effective for their customers. The reason in purchasing the Ensis-3015 AJ Fiber Laser and ASLUL stockyard automation was to be able to process more parts per hour with equal or greater quality than previously seen on the aging CO2 EML combination cell without taking any additional floor space. The business could see almost immediately the inherent benefits and high speed cutting and lowered running costs which in turn have been passed onto savings for the customers. The machine process time for Greenfield was measured in minutes per component or nested parts while laser-cutting at times on parts took sometimes under 25 seconds and using compressed air reduced running costs even further. Adding the OVS automatic compensation system (first in the UK) to the cell has given the ability to load sheets or individual components that have been formed or punched onto the laser so additional processed parts can then cut with precision.


“Lee Harris Production Manager, “Introducing the new Amada Fibre laser was a real eye opener the first job we loaded, which on the old EML would have taken all morning to cut was finished in under two hours! Plus having the benefit of the ASLUL stockyard system has enabled us to increase our capacity by more than 40% without adding any additional labour costs. Today, we look back and say why didn’t we do this sooner as the benefits outweigh the investment considerably.”