Greenfield’s latest investment of two new Haeger 824-WT-4e fastener insertion machines which complements the continued business strategy. Annually the business is inserting over one and a half million studs and the old Haegers needed to be updated. Introducing the new Haeger technology will give increased throat depth for components of 24″, better hydraulic force of 8 tons to allow improved pressure on fixings, plus the ability to allow operators to call up component programmes to the digital screen giving increased stud insertion and position reliability. Plus, this will create more shop floor space, as three older Haeger machines are being replaced with the two new 824-WT-4e machines. The new Haegers are one of the most versatile machines Haeger has produced both having Auto feed bowl for the fastener high run volumes, yet still being able to remove the Auto feed and run those difficult components manually with none alignment quick change tooling.

Gary Burnard Managing Director, “It’s important that all investments we make in our expansion programme are a benefit to our manufacturing operations. It was quite clear that the 1980’s Haegers had had their day and were holding back that part of the business. We were seeing increased stud usage and yet these were the oldest machines in the company with continued reliability issues. Ryan Strafford from Press-Form spent time analysing our usage and recommended the 824-WT-4e machines to give us the best flexibility to suite our requirements. Now we are operational and the early feedback from production has been totally positive and we have already seen a large swing in fastener volumes inserted.”