Greenfield have continued to invest heavily on developing the staff with offsite training for the design team on Solidworks solutions. Adam Watkins has just completed his first week on advanced 3D rendering. This will enable him as well as the rest of the design team in providing quicker render concepts for customers with a high degree of photorealism. The clients don’t want to see 2D sketches, or crude images because they are making key decisions before prototyping and sometimes having to go straight into production with the tight lead-times required for the end customer. This also hands back a level of visual control of the design process firmly back to the customers as they can now evaluate functionality of multiples of sometimes complicated integrated Sheetmetal assemblies.

Adam Watkins added “Today our customers expect to see something that looks as real as its going to look when it’s sat in front of them. So, it’s really great to be able to send it directly to them electronically knowing that the information a visual 3D render is as close to the real finished item. The new Solidworks software has also enabled us to do the drawings more efficiently with the lowest number of steps and is defiantly more intuitive of the finished Sheetmetal component. It all helps because of the tighter deadlines we are all working too.”