The Greenfield Operations Team have again successfully managed to regain all three ISO accreditation’s. This is a great achievement this year considering the debilitating effects of the pandemic hitting businesses across the UK very hard. Greenfield had most of the office based staff having to work remotely and others unable to work from the office remaining locked down at home for three months. The situation for the audit was all factory visits from any non-essential suppliers was stopped to maintain a safe working environment and reduce any risk to the workforce. This meant a new challenge for the audit team.

This year the audit was to be carried out remotely which would test our systems. Now this meant undergoing a much more detailed and in-depth audit looking closer than ever before at all of the businesses interlinked management systems. The URS leading auditor Patrick Westby pleasingly said he was incredibly impressed at the strength of the system under scrutiny and the continued improvements following on from his visit last year. This was great accolade for the team, as this was across all three of our accreditation’s, ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, & OHSAS 18001 H&S.

The combined high standards we set ourselves in all system documentation underpinning the importance Greenfield put on having robust process control and complete manufacturing traceability to meet the exceptional high standards our customers have come to expect.

Colin Hamilton Engineering Manager, said:
“It’s been a difficult period with COVID-19 hitting the operational side of the business almost locking down the engineering support for three months and it’s pleasing to know the systems stood up to very little management support over that time. The key for this has been we have benefited operationally for the systems being well integrated throughout the business. So very little preparation was required pre-audit. All together the staff are fully committed and have a positive mindset of the long-term benefits of a strong management system helping control the business operations. The drive in the business is our on-going continuous improvement programme having regained real traction over the years, as we work even harder over the coming year in maintaining the high standards set and try improving in the future”.