Everyone knows choosing the right manufacturing partner is an essential strategy for success. Getting them involved in a project as early as possible has huge benefits. We find that even involvement during the early stages of the design process can be extremely useful as this will reduce not only costs but in some cases improve product functionality. It’s a very useful option when looking to reduce production costs through clever innovative manufacturing. This can even in many instances improve the final design or look of the product. Greenfield will happily work within the budget restraints and outline brief, and our design team will use their expertise to develop the sheet metal platform of any concept. Operating with an open book transparent approach to the sheet metal costing and manufacturing with the customer this relationship benefits everyone. Offering the most diverse automated production facilities that will produce an efficient solution. After all fundamentally you’re looking for a business partner that really understands precision sheet metal. What do you have to lose give our business development manager a call and arrange a visit to see our impressive facilities first hand and meet the team.