David Chidley is celebrating his 23-year working at Greenfield engineering. Having worked in a Sheetmetal engineering environment all his life after finishing school in 1974. Since joining Greenfield David has stayed an integral part the company bringing his many skills to the business.

After joining Greenfield David soon found himself managing and running the newly installed automated powder coating line. The next ten years saw David grow and train a strong multi skilled powder coating team before he was tasked to set up and run a different department assembling bespoke computer chassis including other sub-assembly units. In this time David has gained a unique umbrella view of the final operations of the business. In subsequent years David has been placed into designated assembly departments to support the integration of new projects.

“Completing 23 years of loyal service is an incredible achievement and we would like to thank David for his ongoing commitment and loyalty to Greenfield Engineering. David has been through more than two decades of transition with us as the business has grown, developed as a consequence, not all staff can adapt to progress and change. His flexibility to switch plus his individual contributions within the business are highly commendable and much valued by all the management team.”
Simon Walker, Operations Director.