A further 3 electric charging points have been added in the Greenfield carpark over the last few years to cover electric and PHEV cars being used by our staff, customers and supply chain. The charging points are becoming a necessity as more company vehicles are moving towards Electric and PHEV. We wanted to lead from the front by adding a strong infrastructure here at Greenfield. Now anyone who enjoys the benefits of an electric vehicle are finding it easier to charge when visiting us. The next stage of developing our infrastructure further is we are looking to invest in high speed car charging points to reduce charging times to ease the future congestion when fully electric cars are more prevalent on the road.

Gary Burnard, Managing Director, says “We embraced electric charging points at the business nearly ten years ago. We were probably one of the earliest business locally that was completely committed to the challenge of reducing our carbon footprint and working towards lower emissions within our organisation. This was before it became as high profile as it is at the moment.”