Greenfield’s Occupational Health professional Dawn Veal has been working with our staff since 2020 providing advice to meet HSE health surveillance standards for our employees and to our Business. In addition, she offers advice that helps our team to remain fit and well at work. Dawn’s other key role is to encourage a positive return to work post sickness/absence and ongoing education. This then creates an environment so employees can take responsibility regarding their health and well-being. Whether this is physical or psycho social it can impact employees performance in the workplace and their personal lives

Since Dawn’s arrival she’s played an important role in the workplace while helping our employees stay healthy reducing staff absenteeism. This in turn reduces any associated costs from lost production. Maintaining a healthy workforce and a safe environment for our staff is imperative as a leading manufacturer.

“It’s great to see we have created a culture where our staff feel that their well-being and safety is always our top priority! They are the businesses most important asset.” Simon Walker Operations Director