Greenfield implemented a four-day working week for our Paint/Assembly teams last year.

Following a successful trial which showed productivity was not negatively impacted, the company agreed to introduce a four-day working week on both shifts.

Simon Walker Operations Director explained: “Our trial period from a five-day working week to a four-day week has been an excellent decision and has seen a great boost in the morale and engagement of our Paint/Assembly teams.

The teams have had the opportunity to work either a Monday to Thursday or a Tuesday to Friday shift pattern since last May meaning they can enjoy longer weekends with their families improving their work life balance.

It gives them more time to spend enjoying their hobbies and interests, and in return, the business has seen no drop-off in productivity during this transitional period; in fact, I would say productivity has remained constant. But the biggest win is the wellbeing of our staff has improved considerably.”