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CNC Punching
CNC Punching

CNC metal punching facilities at Greenfield offer our customers one of the most complete and synchronised sheet metal blank profiling facilities with the latest generation of Amada’s electric servo driven punching technology.

Our CNC punching machines can process a wide range of metals in various thin gauges, including mild steel, galvanised steel, zintec, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and pre-coated steel. Each machine is programmed via Radan’s CAD/CAM system and Logistics’ Order Manager software that is network-linked back to our central server and production planning workstations.

CNC Punching

It’s an efficient system that ensures we dynamically nest parts by material type & gauge to keep off-cuts and sheet skeleton scrap to an absolute minimum.

We operate three CNC punching machines with full automation, one of which has tower storage feed to increase productivity and a PDC2 automatic tool punch and die changer to dramatically reduce tool change over time.

Learn more about our 3 CNC punching machines below:

As Greenfield most automated sheet metal punching cell with automated tooling flexibility the Amada EMZ 3610 NT is one of the most productive machines on the market.

This generation of Amada’s electric servo driven punching technology, accompanied with a high level of automation, allows for the full production schedule rather than just the processing of sheet metal.

Greenfield’s EM3610 is the fully automated version of the flagship of the Amada range. The turret punching cell incorporates PDC2 external tooling carousel holding ready for use 220 tools & 440 die options. This eliminates the need for time consuming tool & die changes removing all downtime for the machine, so it can be in full production irrespective of any change in material size or gauge.

Combining with the Amada EM3610 is a complete ASIII 300 MP ten pallet stockyard tower & PRIII 300P three table part picker. Giving the material loading, removal & component stacking of punched parts ready for transfer to the bending process downstream.

The repeatability of high quality punched precision sheet metal components from large volume production runs to the flexibility of small batches. Adding a new dimension to the sheet metal manufacturing industry.

This true fully lights out unmanned 24/7 production punching cell, gives our customers unique availability to their sheet metal requirements. No matter how tight the customer deadline is Greenfield can respond giving full sheet metal support.

Greenfield complete and synchronise totally the engineering versatility for optimum sheet metal manufacture with the Amada EM3510NT turret punching cell.

Operating with the new Amada electrical servo driven technology offering 45 different tool locations in the punching turret. The EM3510 gives resource-efficient running options & significantly increased operating benefits with complete automation.

The integration of automation on the Amada EM3510 is a universal L250 sheet loader linked for sheet material loading with two pallet 6 tonne capacity of standard stock sheet. On the opposite side of the EM3510 is PR250UL part remover which is pre-programed automatically, collects & stacks the punched finished parts. Components are automatically via the Radan software nested reducing the unit cost per part through optimised material utilisation.

After being punched sheet metal parts are removed from the skeleton and pallet stacked ready for the next bending or forming operation giving lights out unmanned sheet metal high quality production.

Greenfield offer a flexible manufacturing service from rapid prototyping and sheet metal development to full mainstream ongoing production.

Greenfield’s latest addition to the punching range of equipment is the fully automated Amada EM3612ZRB. This is the first of the next generation of Amada turret punching technology.

It comes equipped with an external buffer turret for high speed automatic tool change. Tooling can be added or removed without interfering with punching production. Combined with the main turret the EM3612ZRB has a total tool capacity of 65 live tools ready loaded for immediate availability giving increased productivity and uptime.

Additional enhancements include a concealed lower turret, for scratch free material processing. Also giving the advantage of eliminating potential sheet or component clashes from high form tooling. The EM3612ZRB has the new Amada ID tooling system for digital tool control which also monitors the tools within the turrets at all times. This includes hit rates from individual tools maximising tooling life and reducing unnecessary grinding. It also removes the opportunity of setter errors from incorrect tool loading. The new tools have easy, clip and adjust with no additional tooling required to disassemble, speeding up all aspects of tool handing.

Integrated automation onto the EM3612ZRB is the Amada L300III sheet loader linked for unmanned sheet handling of 6 tonne of standard stock sheet. On the opposite side of the EM3612ZRB to the PRUL300III part removal which automatically collects and stacks punched finished components for lights out production.

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Greenfield’s strong engineering core has continued to develop and expand over the years to now having an industry reputation for producing high quality precision sheet metal components and assemblies for any market place.

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Our workforce is our greatest asset and we understand that our future growth is determined by the technical skill and passion of our employees. When we’re tackling complex projects we need employees who have the skills for us to deliver engineering solutions.

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