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Fabriaction & Welding
Fabriaction & Welding

Greenfield Engineering provides welding facilities of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium components married with custom precision sheet metal fabrications.

Greenfield offers a comprehensive selection of welding processes to cover a vast range of disciplines from MIG, TIG, Spot welding, Stud welding, Gas welding and cantilevered caliper welding, as welding is a large part of our manufacturing capability with 10 dedicated welding bays across both sites with Tig and Mig welding facilities.

Fabriaction & Welding

Greenfield also offer metal dressing service as a standard part of its precision sheet metal fabrication service, its multi-skilled fabrication team are trained in house to weld ferrous & non-ferrous materials in conjunction to our ISO:9001-2015 accreditation.

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Greenfield can provide key benefits for customers continually looking at ways to improve on the cost of the welding process.

Greenfield produce high quality welded assemblies. Investing in the latest welding advances provides maximum cost savings for customers. The benefits are immediate on any size production run with guaranteed repeatability.

Greenfield also provide a comprehensive selection of welding processes to cover a vast range of disciplines from MIG, TIG, Spot welding, Stud welding, Gas welding.

Greenfield has a highly multi-skilled fabrication team qualified to weld ferrous & non ferrous materials.

Greenfield provide a complete precision sheet metal service to offer customers the most comprehensive manufacturing support.

Stud insertion is a perfect way of fixing two sheet metal components together without using fabrication processes. If the part does not suit a welding process Greenfield can provide the answer.

Inserting over 1,500,000 fixings a year Greenfield have three Haeger fastener insertion machines, two of which are the 824 WT4e model.

These two 824 WT4e fastener insertion machines meet our business strategy by introducing the new Haeger technology and has created more shop floor space, as our main production area had three older Haeger machines which have been replaced with the two smaller footprint efficient flexible models which are fitted with auto bowl feeders, have increased throat depth for components of up to 24″ plus increased hydraulic force of 8 tonnes to allow improved even pressure across material types and gauges to give a more secure fixing.

Greenfield inserts a variety of fasteners, flush head studs, anchor rivets, clinch nuts male and female to name just a few. The machines flexible touch screen controllers with stored part programs gives the ability to our operators to call up component programmes to the digital touch screen giving fixing position reliability with visual colour coded drawing guides to eliminate costly errors on complicated panels and sub-assemblies.

Please contact our dedicated technical team who will be more than happy to advise on the best cost effective solution.



We work alongside many leading design houses and independent agencies in retail design. Our unique approach is to work in collaboration with customers at an early stage in the conceptual design process.

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