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At Greenfield Engineering (SM) Ltd we are proud to be part of the Ecovadis sustainability rating platform, which provides a comprehensive assessment of our environmental, social, and ethical performance. Our participation in Ecovadis reflects our commitment to transparency, continuous improvement, and responsible business practices.

Through Ecovadis, we undergo a rigorous evaluation across various sustainability criteria, including environmental impact, labour and human rights practices, ethics, and supply chain management. By participating in this assessment, we aim to:

  1. Enhance transparency:
    By disclosing information about our sustainability practices and performance, we demonstrate our commitment to transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.
  2. Drive continuous improvement:
    The Ecovadis assessment helps us identify areas for improvement and prioritize actions to enhance our sustainability performance over time.
  3. Benchmark performance:
    The Ecovadis rating provides valuable benchmarking insights, allowing us to compare our sustainability performance against industry peers and best practices.
  4. Strengthen stakeholder trust:
    Our participation in Ecovadis underscores our dedication to responsible business practices, building trust and confidence among customers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders.
  5. Foster sustainability across the supply chain:
    Through Ecovadis, we extend our commitment to sustainability beyond our organization and encourage our suppliers to uphold similar standards, driving positive impact throughout the supply chain.

By actively engaging with the Ecovadis platform, we are advancing our sustainability goals and contributing to a more sustainable and responsible business ecosystem.

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Current Vacancies


Our workforce is our greatest asset and we understand that our future growth is determined by the technical skill and passion of our employees. When we’re tackling complex projects we need employees who have the skills for us to deliver engineering solutions.

Overview of Greenfield


Greenfield has been producing sheetmetal components since 1989. Read about how it all started from a small unit in Bradworthy, Devon with hand driven tools to today where we now have 2 sites, each at over 20,000 sqft and are market leaders in automation.



We hold many accreditation’s. These accreditation’s show our customers and suppliers Greenfields commitment to our operational processes. Certificates are available in a downloadable PDF format here

Frank & Michelle Green


Greenfield’s strong engineering core has continued to develop and expand over the years to now having an industry reputation for producing high quality precision sheet metal components and assemblies for any market place.