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Lee Harris – Production Manager


Production Manager

After joining the GF team straight out of school I intended to spend a year working out what career I really wanted. Little did i realise that some 15 years on, i’d still be here! After moving into leadership roles while still a teenager I found I had a natural ability in this area.

Never being one to shy from a challenge both physically and mentally, working my way through all facets of the business and spending many years in CNC programming and operation, all the while accumulating vast engineering knowledge.

It’s been enjoyable and rewarding along the way thanks to the fantastic employees of both past and present With my current role allowing myself more time creating enhancement to the employees and using the accumulated knowledge to increase productivity.

With reflection on my experience, learning of proven, successful practices elsewhere and an ability to generate bespoke solutions for the business. My aim, is to continuously improve upon the business efficiency, practices, reliability and employee engagement to create an environment focused on the satisfaction of our varied customer needs while maintaining a successful and stimulating workplace for all involved.

The challenge, nothing rewarding was ever easy.

Exploring and just going for a drive.

As a child I had a strong interest in Pokemon, fortunately the collection accumulated in my youth has proven quite the investment now that I am old(er).

Oxygen, Water and a strong 8 hrs sleep each night.

California. After visiting back in 2015 for the first time, i was hooked. Returned many times since and explored large amounts of the amazingly varied state.

Missing out on an opportunity.

Depends on the weather and occasion.

Marvel Avengers, Shawshank, American gangster, Gatsby, Die Hard, Pineapple express, American Pie, The terminal, Catch me if you can.

Holiday breakfast beer’s, just because you can.

My personal playlist looks like it’s been made by 10 different people. everything is in there from Blink-182 to Little Richard, Tritonal to Robert Palmer and Kanye West to Otis Redding.

Too impatient to finish a book, A Forbes article is about the limit of my attention.

Perceptive, Confident and persistent.

Current Vacancies


Our workforce is our greatest asset and we understand that our future growth is determined by the technical skill and passion of our employees. When we’re tackling complex projects we need employees who have the skills for us to deliver engineering solutions.

Overview of Greenfield


Greenfield has been producing sheetmetal components since 1989. Read about how it all started from a small unit in Bradworthy, Devon with hand driven tools to today where we now have 2 sites, each at over 20,000 sqft and are market leaders in automation.



We hold many accreditation’s. These accreditation’s show our customers and suppliers Greenfields commitment to our operational processes. Certificates are available in a downloadable PDF format here

Frank & Michelle Green


Greenfield’s strong engineering core has continued to develop and expand over the years to now having an industry reputation for producing high quality precision sheet metal components and assemblies for any market place.