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  • Lewis Hamilton – Purchasing & Material Planning Technician


    Purchasing & Material Planning Technician

    My main role is to process new orders as they arrive in the business. I assess the different sheet metal elements streamlining the required manufacturing routes then issue to production. This initial section of order entry consists of defining the extract BOM’s to complete the order which specifically identifies the materials needed plus all additional purchased parts. Also I plan the route of all operations for each process that the order will travel through production.

    Encompassing a fresh outlook in this demanding role I have found innovative ways of refining and speeding up this process to assist the production teams and free more of my time. This has allowed me to concentrate more on dealing directly with customers on the specific needs helping to build better customer relationships.

    The work environment and the people in it.

    I have a brother which looks like me which isn’t me.

    Kauai – Home to thousands of wild chickens.

    Lasagna, pizza and anything Mexican.

    Sharknado 1, Sharknado 2, Sharknado 3, Sharknado 4, Sharknado 5 and Sharknado 6 (which wasn’t as good).

    M&S Chocolate Eclairs.

    “main playlist” – Lewis Hamilton on Spotify, follow me

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    Our workforce is our greatest asset and we understand that our future growth is determined by the technical skill and passion of our employees. When we’re tackling complex projects we need employees who have the skills for us to deliver engineering solutions.

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    Greenfield has been producing sheetmetal components since 1989. Read about how it all started from a small unit in Bradworthy, Devon with hand driven tools to today where we now have 2 sites, each at over 20,000 sqft and are market leaders in automation.



    We hold many accreditation’s. These accreditation’s show our customers and suppliers Greenfields commitment to our operational processes. Certificates are available in a downloadable PDF format here

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    Greenfield’s strong engineering core has continued to develop and expand over the years to now having an industry reputation for producing high quality precision sheet metal components and assemblies for any market place.