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    Our workforce is our greatest asset and we understand that our future growth is determined by the skill and passion of our employees. When we’re tackling complex projects, we need employees who can help us deliver engineering solutions.

    Our customer base is incredibly diverse, so it takes a wide range of skills to deliver quality product to meet the demands of our customers. From manufacturing roles within our factories to office based duties, our employees are hard-working, friendly and driven.

    Discover what’s possible by joining a company which invests in its people, then explore our current vacancies inspiring achievers to develop their talent.


    The business is passionate about apprenticeships and in turn creating engineers and future decision makers of the business. We offer a range of different levels of mechanical engineering apprenticeships dependant on academic qualifications, which are carried out at day release at Petroc College studying towards either a level 2 or level 3 which is accompanied by a work based NVQ qualification.

    We see apprenticeships as an investment in our future and so our training co-ordinator works closely with our apprentices and the college to develop their skills and maximise their career progression.

    Think you’re cut out for an engineering apprenticeship? Smile you’ve found us, build your career click the link below and apply online.

    Work Experience

    We are keen to encourage young people in the surrounding area into an Engineering career. We happily offer weekly work experience placements to secondary school students.

    The week-long program provides insight into both sheet metal manufacturing and engineering roles such as CAD Design and Production/Material Planning. Upon completion the student(s) will receive a Certification of Achievement, detailing the areas where they have gained experience.

    If you have any questions or would like more information about work experience please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01409 254400.

    Current Vacancies


    Our workforce is our greatest asset and we understand that our future growth is determined by the technical skill and passion of our employees. When we’re tackling complex projects we need employees who have the skills for us to deliver engineering solutions.

    Overview of Greenfield


    Greenfield has been producing sheetmetal components since 1989. Read about how it all started from a small unit in Bradworthy, Devon with hand driven tools to today where we now have 2 sites, each at over 20,000 sqft and are market leaders in automation.



    We hold many accreditation’s. These accreditation’s show our customers and suppliers Greenfields commitment to our operational processes. Certificates are available in a downloadable PDF format here

    Frank & Michelle Green


    Greenfield’s strong engineering core has continued to develop and expand over the years to now having an industry reputation for producing high quality precision sheet metal components and assemblies for any market place.