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    Greenfield work alongside many leading design houses and independent agencies in retail design. Our unique approach is to work in collaboration with customers at an early stage in the conceptual design process. Even more importantly never taking our eye off any of the financial restraints on the project, but still keeping to the design brief. Ending with the clear expectation of the final solution.

    Our expert technical team will engineer and develop the design creating working engineering drawings for our in-house production to complete the manufacture.

    Greenfield are able to coordinate many different materials for any project including plastic, wood, acrylics, cardboard, fixings, labeling, final assembly, down to assembly instructions.

    Point of Sale Displays

    Our aim is to work as a one stop shop who will manage the complete project roll-out ensuring all elements no matter how small have been overseen to give a seamless installation or delivery.

    Greenfield is fundamentally driven by adding value throughout the manufacturing process and working with clients to keep their products ahead of retail trends and the competition.

    CNC Punching


    CNC metal punching facilities at Greenfield offer our customers one of the most complete and synchronised sheet metal blank profiling facilities with the latest generation of Amada’s electric servo driven punching technology.

    Nick Westlake


    Nick Westlake, Business Manager. My ambition is to make an impact on future customers as they will see I’m passionate about Greenfield Engineering and what we can offer customers to help their businesses grow and develop.



    Apprenticeships are an excellent way for young people to enter the workplace whilst continuing with formal education, plus gaining valuable qualifications and receiving high quality training using some of the most advanced technologies in the UK sheet metal industry.

    Frank & Michelle Green


    Greenfield’s strong engineering core has continued to develop and expand over the years to now having an industry reputation for producing high quality precision sheet metal components and assemblies for any market place.