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As a family-owned business and premier UK supplier of subcontract sheetmetal since 1989. Greenfield Engineering’s journey in the reduction of its carbon footprint over the last 10 years has focused more and more on sustainability.

Introducing a more environmental approach in not only our manufacturing processes but across our entire organisation. Our well-established business accreditations didn’t cover a clear pathway to measure our environmental impact across our end-to-end processes.

The company is proud of its development of environmental, economic, and socially focused business model and our key decisions made on the business’s future are made under this business model umbrella.


Is to create a sustainable future where people, planet, and profit thrive harmoniously. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, promoting social equity, and driving economic prosperity through innovative solutions and responsible practices. By fostering a culture of sustainability, we aim to inspire positive change within our organization and the communities we serve, ensuring a better world for generations to come.

Our Environmental & Sustainability Business Initiatives Actions.

Our Environmental & Sustainability Business Initiatives Action Statement outlines our commitment to proactively address environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Through a combination of strategic initiatives, innovation, and collaboration, we aim to drive positive change and create long-term value for our business and the planet. Key actions include:

New generation Atlas Copco’s VSD compressors, FD Dryers, and UD Filters with energy efficient technology on each site. Reduces power consumption from traditional compressors by 40% with lower working variable load.

Installed x337 LED vapour strip lighting technology across both our manufacturing facilities. The new LED fixtures replaced traditional high-intensity discharge and old inefficient fluorescent lights. Creating a more pleasant environment for the team to work in, cost saving and a benefit for electric usage reduction.

In 2013 the first installation of electric charging points to cover electric and PHEV cars for staff, suppliers, and customers. We now have seven charging points available at S1.

We have installed x3 Regent Solar column streetlights. Two with dual arms and one with a single, they are 30W LED 2700K T-II with auto adjusting optics. As well as cost saving and a benefit for electric usage reduction. This creates a safer car park environment for the team on our second shift and for all users in the darker months of the year.

Installed photovoltaic panels to produce green electricity at each site;

  • 4 arrays of 356 panels total to S1.
  • 1 array of 600 panels total to S2.

This has led to an almost 25% reduction in electricity consumption since installation.

Zero waste to landfill company. This is a landmark achievement in managing the complete elimination landfill destination waste streams.

zero wate to landfil

Accredited Certification: 2015 certified in the Environmental Management System in accordance with IS014001.

ISO 14001_URS

Greenfield has been awarded a bronze medal for April 2024-2025. This result places Greenfield among the top 35% percent of companies assessed globally by Ecovadis in the past 12 months (65+ percentile).


Eco friendly commercial water-less urinals installed which was driven by reducing the amount of clean water for urinal flushing going straight to drain. Estimated water saving of around 80,000ltrs of water per year.

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Our workforce is our greatest asset and we understand that our future growth is determined by the technical skill and passion of our employees. When we’re tackling complex projects we need employees who have the skills for us to deliver engineering solutions.

Overview of Greenfield


Greenfield has been producing sheetmetal components since 1989. Read about how it all started from a small unit in Bradworthy, Devon with hand driven tools to today where we now have 2 sites, each at over 20,000 sqft and are market leaders in automation.



We hold many accreditation’s. These accreditation’s show our customers and suppliers Greenfields commitment to our operational processes. Certificates are available in a downloadable PDF format here

Frank & Michelle Green


Greenfield’s strong engineering core has continued to develop and expand over the years to now having an industry reputation for producing high quality precision sheet metal components and assemblies for any market place.